ESD Stacking Bin - BLACK - 7.55"Dx5.86"Wx4.13"H O.D." 45/CS

Our high quality, durable stacking bins have been designed for daily use in stores, production facilities and warehouses. Bins have been designed to fit all standard metric shelves, paternoster and industrial workstations. Bins of the same width stack securely, even if they are of different depths. Straight sides ensure an efficient use of space. The design, with a half-open front, allows excellent visibility and easy access to the bin's contents, making it easy to pick from. The colour options allow a storage system to be designed to meet the customer's requirements. The crystal clear bins are transparent, allowing easy visual identification. Bright colours make finding the right item easy.

Product facts

Product code 1520-4ESD
EAN-code 6416763035816
Width inches 5.87
Depth inches 7.56
Height inches 4.13
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