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Customer Story

SNCF chose Treston for high quality, ergonomics and modularity enabling future modifications

"TRESTON workbenches are high quality. The ergonomics and the possibilities coming along with modularity are greatly valued by our technicians," says Mr David Lacour, Head of Proximity Tachometry, SNCF Mobility - Greater East Region.
SNCF Treston customer story - train reparation

The SNCF group is a public service company, offering a full range of mobility solutions, such as railway networks, across six business lines. The mission of SNCF is bringing the freedom of effortless mobility and a greener planet to all.

One of the important themes SNCF internally promotes is wellness at work. This is reflected, for example, in the attention the company pays to the ergonomics of the workstations.

Treston is a long-term provider of ergonomic workstation solutions at several SNCF sites. One of these sites is located in the beautiful region of Champagne Ardenne, in Épernay, France. This is a site specializing in the maintenance of on-board equipment such as the tachometers measuring and recording the train speed.

SNCF/Treston customer story - standing work
All the workstations are electrically height-adjustable allowing working in sitting or standing position.

"For us, it is very important that people who spend 8 hours at their workstation are content in their working environment. That it is made for them, it’s ergonomic, functional and secure." says David LACOUR in charge of 9 technicians who perform high-precision repairs at this workshop on a daily basis.

" When people are happy with their workplaces, and the environment has been designed to reduce unnecessary movements and improve postures, the work is carried out naturally more efficiently”, adds Mr LACOUR.

The refurbishment project of the SNCF workshop in Épernay was motivated by the wish to replace the old furniture that was already at the end of its life cycle and non-ergonomic. For example, the height of the workbenches could not be adjusted electrically by the technicians and according to their needs. Some members of the team also had started to experience some physical problems typical of the industry, such as back pain, which required special attention on workstations and the ability to adjust seated and standing postures. 

The research for suitable workstations was initiated via the Internet and by using the TRESTON online workbench configurator, freely available to everyone, to test create new workstation configurations in 3D. This also established a basis for discussion with Treston specialists.

After the conversation, a meeting was set up to present Treston's range of products and a discussion with each technician in order to optimize the workstation configuration for each of them.

SNCF David Lacour

Now, all 9 workshops have been renewed with motorized Treston Concept workbenches. Each workstation is built from standard parts but is unique at the same time. The stations are equipped with above-workbench accessories such as tilting shelves, auxiliary side shelves on an arm, document holders, footrests and perforated panels with brackets to optimize storage and organize the tools.

Each workstation is built from standard parts but is unique at the same time.

Workstations also have suitable drawer units on wheels and LED lights helping with the precise work. These make this workshop more ergonomic, functional and according to the organizational aspirations.

SNCF reparation station with Treston Concept workstation based solution
SNCF/Treston customer story - workshop workplace

Having now used the workstations for some time, Mr LACOUR observes:
"Treston workbenches are high quality. The ergonomics and the possibilities along with modularity are greatly valued by our technicians." 

SNCF repair centre
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