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Vaisala, a global leader in environmental measurements, has trusted Treston for decades

Vaisala has been a valued customer of Treston for decades. In their laboratories, there are still some products in use that have been purchased decades ago. Durable, high-quality workstations have been a sustainable choice and these shared values have been the reason to choose Treston, again, as one of the suppliers to Vaisala’s new R&D and innovation center.
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Healthy people make healthy business

We had an honor to have Liisa Åström, Vice president of Products and Systems at Vaisala, as a quest in our Ergo Goes Factory webinar: User-centric design of R&D labs. In the webinar, Liisa mentioned that she believes that ergonomic investments will pay off long term: 

  • I think companies finally depend on their products, which are dependent on the people who design them. Making the work the most fluent and enjoyable and at the same time attracting the best workers and keeping them is linked to the business growth and success long-term. I have no doubt that healthy people make healthy business” Liisa says.
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High requirements for workstations

Liisa says that based on the interviews she has made inside the company, the feedback of the delivered workstations has been positive:

  • We are a long-term customer of Treston, and we trusted the quality of the products already. Several people pointed out to me that the customer-experience has been good, and the work has been very fluent. We were especially happy about some customized solutions that we were able to get from Treston in addition to the wide range of standard products. Liisa sums up and continues:
  • Deliveries and the whole experience were fluent, flexible, and we only have good things to say about this relationship. The service has been really good and Treston truly understood our needs.

Proof of the long-lasting products

Vaisala and Treston are both Finnish-based, globally operating companies that share many of the same values, such as a focus on high quality, sustainability, and long-lasting, user-friendly products, not to mention the human-centricity in business.

High quality products with long lifetime are truly valued in Vaisala’s premises. When we got the chance to visit the labs, we noticed that there were some decades old workstations still in full use on the premises. Same applies for Vaisala’s products; their customers still send products to them for calibration after 20 years of use.

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The R&D and innovation center is a home for over 300 specialists

  • The planning of the new building has been highly user-centric, starting with a study of the users and their working habits as well as analyzing the typical lifecycles of projects. We found out that a core element of success is that collaboration runs smoothly throughout the projects and that we can drive experimental product development with a “From idea to product” approach.

Read more about Vaisala’s innovation center:

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Construction work of the 7,900 m2 building begun in January 2019, and employees have gradually started to work in the new premises during the spring 2021. The new R&D Lab is a home for over 300 R&D specialists.
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