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10 Benefits of Modular Work Tables 18.3.2019 | Carissa Harris

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Carissa Harris

Carissa Harris is the Marketing Communications Director for Treston Inc.
In nearly every field there is a constant drive towards making processes more efficient and workers more productive. Modular work tables, which can be customized with a range of accessories, can play a key role in improving how tasks are performed as well as enhance a company’s flexibility.

Modular work tables offer many benefits over conventional pre-assembled versions. Listed are top ten benefits:


  1. Customization – workbenches can be customized to suit the task being performed, rather than having to ‘make do’ with parts and tools placed in awkward, hard to reach places


  1. Utilizes vertical space – shelves can be positioned above and below the tabletop, at different depths and /or tilted to keep components within easy reach, to make better use of the available vertical space and keep worktops uncluttered


  1. Ergonomic – the height can be adjusted to suit the worker or the task being performed, while components, tools and work instructions can be kept within easy reach <learn more about workstation ergonomics here>


  1. Improves efficiency – having everything within easy reach reduces the movements involved in performing tasks, which in turn improves efficiency


  1. Improves profitability – the ability to perform tasks more quickly means more can be performed over the course of the day, which can increase profits


  1. Reduces risk of RSI – having components within easy reach reduces the uncomfortable twists and turns workers have to make in assembling parts. This means they can perform tasks more comfortably and reduce the strain on their necks, backs and upper limbs


  1. Flexible inventory – modular accessories can be used on different workbenches and wherever they’re needed throughout the facility


  1. Enables workers to manage their own workspace – modularity gives workers the freedom to decide how they want to work. Educating workers on ergonomics will enable them to take responsibility for their own health by adjusting their workspace so they can perform tasks comfortably


  1. Improves flexibility – modular workbenches can be optimized for specific tasks and combined with other workbenches to create workflow patterns. These can be rapidly rearranged to suit the task being performed and to improve the efficiency of a company’s processes


  1. Safer working environment – looking after the health of workers reduces the risk of absenteeism or early retirement through injury. Modular workbenches enable tasks to be performed more comfortably and reduce the risk of strain related injury. This helps you fulfill your legal responsibility for providing a safe working environment


Modularity is becoming a common principle of the modern workplace, and reflects the push towards improved flexibility, customization and efficiency in how tasks are performed. Crucially, modular work tables enable tasks to be performed more comfortably and reduce the risk of workers accruing strain related injuries.

Treston Inc is a leading manufacturer of modular, flexible workstations and accessories. We proactively define the future of individual workspaces, integrating our customers’ needs as the cornerstones of our design process. Contact Treston or your local distributor for more information on Treston’s modular workspace solutions.


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