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How Do Ergonomic Desks Differ From Normal Desks? 12.11.2020 | Elsa Sinjaga


Elsa Sinjaga

Marketing Manager, Treston Oy
When setting up a workspace for productivity, efficiency, and safety, many customers look to ergonomic desks for a versatile and comfortable solution. But what are their benefits in comparison to normal desks you may be familiar with in a work setting? Our experts break it down for you so you can make a confident and informed decision with your next order.

The requirements for desks and benches in industrial and technical environments are inherently different from those of other areas, such as offices. The jobs carried out at manufacturing workstations may involve force, precision skills, and repetitive movements, and it is not always possible to adopt an ideal posture in relation to the workpiece.

As you review these benefits of ergonomic desks, we encourage you to explore our ergonomic workspace catalog to learn more and see our many ergonomic workbench solutions.

The Ergonomic Desk Difference

An ergonomic workbench must adapt as well as possible to the working environment and to the operator without adapting unhealthy working positions or unnatural postures, and all this without affecting productivity and efficiency negatively. An ergonomic workbench with easy height adjustment and a large range of accessories differs from a normal, non-height adjustable desk that has a limited range of accessories in many ways.

First of all, activities carried out in industrial and technical benches are often complicated, sometimes require force, sometimes fine motor skills. In addition, in shift work desks are shared by several operators, often different in size. Height adjustable workbench with easy height adjustment method is a key factor in ensuring correct working height and proper ergonomics for all workers, no matter what sized operator you have, no matter big or small workpiece and not dependent on the working position (sitting, standing, semi-sitting). Treston recommends desks either with hand crank or electric height adjustment.

Second, the reach range in industrial tasks can be large, depending on the workpiece size and materials and tools you need to have in reach within the workstation. Your bench has to flexible in terms how it gives maximum adaptability without compromising ergonomics. This is achieved with modular Treston workbenches that have a wide range of accessories. Height adjustable accessories above the workbench ensure ergonomic working postures for operators in all sizes and accessories with arm allow you to work in your primary and secondary working zones and eliminate unnecessary reaching.

Visual Example of Ergonomic Desk Benefits

See below a short animation where we display the differences between an ergonomic workbench and a normal, non-adjustable desk. If the video below does not load, click here to learn 6 practical ways to improve the ergonomics in your workplace.


Experience the Ergonomic Difference with Treston

Treston workstations and industrial furniture design and implementation always begins with the person performing the work. Ergonomics, functionality and efficiency are constantly on our minds. When you choose Treston, you get a durable, high-quality solution, which lasts from one generation to the next. Because Treston products are modular, the workstation solutions we design are cost-effective and comply with the principles of the LEAN philosophy.

You have several options for getting started. Design your Workstation online with our 3D virtual experience to visualize your future or contact the Treston team with questions you may have about ergonomic workbenches or request a quote. We're ready to help you get started today!

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