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INFOGRAPHIC: 7 Steps to Proper Ergonomics 4.9.2018 | Carissa Harris

Carissa Harris Treston Blog

Carissa Harris

Carissa Harris is the Marketing Communications Director for Treston Inc.
Implementing an ergonomics program can be a complicated process, but the resulting boost in productivity and decreased costs are worth the effort! To make the process easier, Treston breaks down the 7 steps to proper workplace ergonomics.

Before you make any quick decisions from our catalogs and brochures on what to order for your workspace, use our 7 Steps Infographic below to better understand how to make your workplace truly ergonomic. You can also learn more about what it means to have an economic workspace here.

Infographic - 7 steps to proper ergonomics

Get Started on Making Your Workspace Ergonomic with Treston's Solutions

When you're ready to get started on these steps and request a quote on the proper workspace equipment and solutions, Treston will be here to assist you. Contact us with any questions you may have about building a properly ergonomic workspace today. 

For more details on each of the steps download our free ergonomics ebook

Seven Steps to Proper Ergonomics - Infographic Summary

For more explanation, or in case the infographic is not displaying above, here's a rundown of Treston's seven steps to an ergonomic workplace.

1. Research & Create a Plan

To avoid excessive, short-term spending, write out your goals and game plan to make better long-term decisions.

2. Conduct Interviews & Observe

In order to improve your workspace for the future and make it appropriately ergonomic, interview employees to better understand what has fallen short in the past and what is not currently optimized.

3. Round Up the Troops

Get your team together in order to educate them and get them on board with a basic knowledge of proper ergonomics so implementation is universally understood and accepted.

4. Remember the Not-So-Obvious

When designing your ergonomic workspace improvements, be sure to evaluate other factors you may overlook such as working position, reaching distance, and proper lighting. These are critical to having a truly ergonomic workplace!

5. Challenge Your Vendors

The best manufacturers or suppliers of ergonomic equipment and furniture will happily work with you to provide solutions that best fit your needs. That's why Treston provides online tools like the 3D Configurator to assist you in building and visualizing your custom workspace.

6. Happiness is a Goal

Studies show that employees who are happy at work take up to 10x fewer sick days than unhappy employees. Providing them with the proper workstation can make their time more productive, more comfortable, and overall happier.

7. Measure & Improve

The work is never done! Consider measures such as speed and output, injury report reduction, and employee satisfaction when building the ultimate ergonomic workspace. Improve as necessary.

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