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Lean Manufacturing In The Medical Device Industry 1.7.2020 | Carissa Harris

Carissa Harris Treston Blog

Carissa Harris

Carissa Harris is the Marketing Communications Director for Treston Inc.
Whether you’re manufacturing testing kits, tools used by researchers, or creating protective equipment to supply the frontline workers in hospitals and ICUs around the country, lean manufacturing is more important than ever before.
But how do you create a lean manufacturing process in the medical device industry, or how can you improve your existing lean process to meet increasing demands? Equipping your facility with Treston industrial furniture can help you reach these goals.

The Benefits of Lean Manufacturing in the Medical Device Industry

Lean manufacturing aims to eliminate waste and produce a high-quality product. By constantly seeking out ways to improve the manufacturing process, waste can be eliminated from unnecessary transportation and movement, waiting, and other factors. The workspace’s physical layout and the configuration of workstations play a critical role in making workflow leaner.

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Treston products are designed with lean processes in mind. Their ergonomic design helps keep the workspace well organized so that staff can work comfortably and ensure that you waste no space. Their modularity helps you customize each workspace with accessories for its exact needs, including drawers, cabinets, and lighting. Carts and mobile workspaces can also improve workflow by helping staff move materials more quickly from one workstation to the next.

The design of Treston furniture and products complement each other, so they can work together to establish a perfect workflow. Treston workbenches, carts, and chairs can be easily configured into a lean production line that promotes efficiency and maximizes use of space. Our workbench layout utilizes the principle of having ergonomic reach areas that help staff keep their most frequently used tools within comfortable reach, and less-frequently used tools in secondary and tertiary reach zones. Our chairs help staff stay more comfortable for longer, increasing productivity and accuracy.

Get Started With Lean Process Development - Contact Treston Today

To meet the global increase in demand and the need for accuracy in medical device manufacturing, ensuring that you have a lean process in your facility is a must. Contact us today to find out how to increase productivity, reduce defects, and meet your obligations using lean processing in your operation. Or request a quote after exploring our online inventory if you know what you'd like to order.

Our Lean Thinking eBook below is a great resource for learning more about the benefits and applications of lean processes. Once you're ready to visualize and build your medical device manufacturing workspace, be sure to use our 3D Configurator tool, an online source for designing and documenting all the necessary products and furniture for your ideal workspace.

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