Santa's Workshop9

SANTA’S WORKSHOP: Improving Efficiency in the North Pole 14.12.2018 | Carissa Harris

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Carissa Harris

Carissa Harris is the Marketing Communications Director for Treston Inc.

It’s just weeks before Santa’s big night, and the workshop is a DISASTER! 

Santa's Workshop

Unfinished toys are strewn about the workshop. Bows are lying untied on the floor. The list has not been checked. The elves are scrambling and Santa is losing his mind! The countdown to Christmas Eve is fading fast. How will the elves build all of the toys with the workshop in such disarray?!?

The elves should call their local Treston distributor and organize their shop using some of Treston’s many ergonomic workstation and storage products!


Below are just a few Treston products that would increase productivity and efficiency in the North Pole.


Concept Bench

Santa's Workshop2

Treston’s Concept workbench is perfect for any toy maker looking to optimize their assembly space. Concept benches can be equipped with a range of accessories, including: shelves, perforated panels for storing tools, bin rails with bins for holding small parts, and overhead lighting. These benches are height adjustable, with the height starting at 26.62” to 44.34”, perfect for all of Santa’s workers, from the smallest to the tallest!

Treston’s Concept bench adapts to the needs of the user. With all movements optimized, Santa’s elves can be more productive and less stressed. If Santa’s elves work at a Treston Concept station, toys will soon be flying out of the workshop!

Santa's Workshop3


MultiLine Material Flow Solutions

Another great addition to Santa’s workshop is Treston MultiLine! Using MultiLine products, toys and parts can be transferred quickly and easily between stations on roller tracks. As you can see in the example, a toy maker elf can send a finished toy to the gift wrap station using a section of MultiLine transfer track. Efficient toy handling is crucial to productivity, and less time is wasted in the transferring of toys to various parts of Santa’s workshop. Treston MultiLine comes in a variety of standard components, and its durable design means a customized solution that will last for decades.

Santa's Workshop4


Packing Bench TPB918

Santa's Workshop5

The last stop for a toy in Santa’s workshop is gift wrapping! There is no better or more complete fulfillment station for this task than Treston’s TPB918 Packing Bench. This bench offers the widest range of standard interchangeable accessories that guarantee an optimized solution. Treston packing benches come standard with uprights, a shelf with dividers, two roll holders, a perforated panel, auxiliary shelf, and bin rail. Additional accessories can be added as well, including cutting units, LCD arms, drawers, etc.




Santa's Workshop6

Santa’s elves can utilize the TPB918 bench for storing all gift wrap essentials, from wrapping paper to boxes to bows. Tape and ribbon are kept within reach, and gift boxes are neatly placed on the shelf above. Wrapping paper stored on a roll holder is fed to a cutting unit on the work surface. With all supplies within easy reach, the elves can quickly wrap each toy for delivery!



Santa's Workshop7

Finally, once toys have been assembled and wrapped for delivery, Treston carts can assist in transferring the toys to Santa’s sleigh. Treston offers a variety of carts, the two shelf cart being perfect for transporting presents.


If Santa and his elves incorporate these great Treston products into their production environment, the toys will be assembled and wrapped in time for Christmas Eve!





Now to determine the logistics of delivering our product to the North Pole…

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