Workspace Spotlight: Concept & Cornerstone Workbenches

Workspace Spotlight: Concept & Cornerstone Workbenches 2.6.2021 | Carissa Harris

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Carissa Harris

Carissa Harris is the Marketing Communications Director for Treston Inc.
At Treston, we believe in the durability and performance of all of our workspace products. From storage and drawers to LED lighting, our portfolio of products prioritizes workers and their well-being.

Our collection of customizable workbenches is one of the most popular product lines we offer, and two of the top-performing and selling workbenches come from the manufacturers Concept and Cornerstone.

Benefits of Concept Workbenches


Our available Concept workbenches offer total customization to make your workstation as efficient and comfortable as possible. Not only do we offer several workbench sizes and combinations, but Concept workbenches also come with either electric motor height adjustment or a hand crank height adjustment with an Allen key. This allows for changes to suit different tasks and workers throughout the day.

The steel frame of the Concept workbench offers a maximum capacity of 1,100 lbs. and can also accommodate a large variety of accessories and add-ons to fulfill your needs for quick packing, laboratory testing, or assembly of electronics. At Treston, we offer available ESD protection for the Concept workbench frame, tabletop, and accessories, as well as QuickShip on several sizes to get your workstation shipped to your location in days!

Benefits of Cornerstone Workbenches

Also offering customization and durability, the Cornerstone workbenches come with their own set of impressive features. The manual height adjustment feature allows your workers to select their height in 1-inch increments from 27.56 to 40.55 inches tall, allowing the Cornerstone workbench to work as either a sitting or standing desk.

The four-legged steel structure of the Cornerstone workbench has a load capacity of 2,000 lbs., meaning it can handle evenly loaded gear for testing, packaging, repairing, and inspecting. Optionally equipped with accessories to improve productivity, the Cornerstone workbenches have several sizes available for QuickShip, available shipping within 5 days so you can get to work sooner.

Order Your Workbench and Accessories from Treston Today

Whether you need solutions for your day-to-day laboratory workspace or fast-paced packing station during the holiday season, both the Concept and Cornerstone workbenches are great options for efficient and ergonomic work. If you’re interested in either of our workspace spotlights above, then you can get started with an order or quote request online today. Our online 3D Workstation Design Tool allows you to select the exact Cornerstone or Concept workbench you need, with the dimensions, surfaces, and accessories to match, so you can customize our products to your workspace.

We encourage you to contact Treston with any questions about our Cornerstone or Concept workbench inventory, and we’ll be happy to tell you even more about why these two products are in this workspace spotlight.

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