Covid-19 update - Treston servicing non-stop



We ask that customers do not hesitate to reach out for any kind of assistance.

Treston sales and customer service continue to globally work remotely providing customer support via digital platforms. We can be reached in multiple ways: chat, email, phone, LinkedIn or by sending an inquiry via our website.

The Treston factories in Finland continue to function at normal levels. At the time of writing this there are still no virus infections identified among our factory personnel. We are taking extra measures to ensure as few people would be infected as possible, minimizing human contact, maximizing cleaning and disinfecting the factory premises. 

Our warehouses also function normally and are well-stocked with benches, carts, cabinets and a variety of accessories. We have increased our stock, ready to cater quick needs.

Orders from the medical industry are given the priority, as announced in the press release Priority lane for medical device manufacturers at the end of March, but we can also cater the quick needs from other industries. We have a new antimicrobial paint available from our factory, which helps keep them hygienic. For information on this paint, please contact a local sales representative.

For more information and news, please have a look at:

Please also see: A letter from Treston GM, regarding Covid-19 (3/19/2020)



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