treston pactec cardboard cutting machine

Every packaging as a custom-made suit: investing in a new cardboard box cutting machine

Treston's Turku factory has made a considerable investment in a new cardboard box cutting machine. The new cutting-edge cutting machine allows us to create custom-sized carton packaging for a wide variety of products. By tailoring the packaging to each product's shape and size, we reduce the need for filler materials and maximize space utilization during transportation. This not only improves efficiency but also aligns with our commitment to eco-friendliness.
Witness the rapid transformation that took place in our Turku factory during the installation of this advanced machinery. A time-lapse camera captured the journey from the machine's arrival to its operation.

Customization for Efficiency and Sustainability

At the core of this investment is our commitment to providing customized, environmentally friendlier packaging solutions. We recognize that one-size-fits-all packaging is neither efficient nor environmentally responsible. Our new cardboard box cutting machine allows us to change this by producing packaging tailored precisely to each product's size and shape. This investment aims to achieve the following objectives:

Efficiency Enhancement: The custom-made packaging streamlines our packaging process, reducing time and resources required for packaging operations.

Reduced Environmental Footprint: By eliminating excess filler materials and optimizing carton sizes, we are significantly reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Enhanced Product Protection: Customized packaging ensures that products are tightly and securely packed, minimizing the risk of damage during transportation.

Cost Savings: Reducing the demand for materials and improving storage efficiency leads to cost savings.

Observe the revolutionary changes that have occurred with the introduction of our cardboard box cutting machine. Our custom-made cartons, perfectly tailored to each product's dimensions, show a significant shift in our approach. This video showcases the improvements in efficiency, waste reduction, and the enhanced protection that our products receive during transportation.


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