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Launching the carbon footprint calculation project

We are excited to announce the launch of a sustainability project focused on the development of a carbon footprint calculation model. This initiative marks a significant step in our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Think further – act greener

At Treston we believe that well-being of people and the planet is a prerequisite for healthy business. Our strategy to produce high-quality, long-lasting, and ergonomic furniture, on-demand and in our factories in Finland, has long been a proof supporting this statement.

Our long-term goal is to provide a 100% CO2 neutral workstation alternative. The journey towards this target is just about to pick up speed. 

Taking the First Steps

In the initial step of this transformative journey, we are collaborating with the Finnish research and technology organization, VTT, to learn how to calculate the carbon footprint of our products. This step aims to equip us with the knowledge and tools needed to assess and reduce our environmental impact. The first results of this partnership are expected by the end of November 2023, and work is already underway on two product assessments.

The second step involves a materiality analysis and the development of a robust responsibility strategy and roadmap. This crucial work is set to commence in the autumn of 2023.

The third step will involve calculating the carbon footprint of Treston's overall operations. By early 2024, we plan to have a comprehensive understanding of the carbon emissions for the year 2023.

Kari Nokka, carbon footprint calculation project manager, shares his excitement about the project:

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I'm truly excited about this project and look forward to learning more. It's a remarkable opportunity for us to make a significant positive impact, and I'm eager to work together with our internal team but also with VTT to achieve meaningful results.

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