Ergonomics Animation Screen Shot

New animation: Ergonomics


Our new ergonomics animation will show you ergonomically poor and proper industrial workspaces, and their impact on workers. Learn 6 practical ways you can improve your workplace and positively impact safety, productivity and efficiency.

This video first shows how an ergonomically poor workspace can cause challenges and problems for the workers in that workspace. In the latter part of this short animation, we display an industrial workspace with proper ergonomics and pinpoint the most important aspects to consider.


Why is it important to pay attention to ergonomics?

In the long run, there are several aspects that proper ergonomics can impact.

Proper workplace ergonomics can:

  • Improve the health and well-being of employees

  • Improve workplace safety and reduce absenteeism

  • Improve work performance

  • Motivate and commit employees

  • Reduce healthcare costs

  • Increase productivity and efficiency


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