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NEW Webinar Series: Ergo Goes Factory

Treston is launching a webinar series!

Treston is kick-starting a webinar series, Ergo Goes Factory!  In Each webinar, Treston's product group manager and Ergonomics Specialist, Jonna Patama, discusses topical ergonomics themes with a guest. The first webinar will be held October 20th. Jonna will discuss with Treston's In-house logistics KAM, Christian Vogel, about observations and future of ergonomics in the in-house logistics. 

The webinar lasts only 30 minutes, so we'll keep the discussion concise and participation effortless. The speakers are Jonna Patama (Ergonomics specialist) and Christian Vogel (In-house logistics expert).

Register for the event from the link below. Even if you cannot participate to the live session, you would receive a recording of the webinar in your email if you completed the registration. The webinar is held in English and is free for everyone.

Register now:,9voOnV7…


Webinar speakers

Jonna Patama
Ergonomics Expert, Product Group Manager

Jonna is keen on promoting ergonomics and well-being at work as an essential part of the corporate sustainability. Combination of the background in health sciences and 10 + years in the manufacturing industry provides a versatile base for understanding the need for human factors and ergonomics in the industrial work environment. Jonna says she is truly inspired by industrial ergonomics.

Christian Vogel
In-house logistics Expert, Key Account Manager

Christian has a lot of practical experience in creating customized workstation solutions for in-house logistic projects. Christian has 9+ years of experience in industrial furniture and he has gathered a lot of insightful information of different kinds of logistics projects from some of the biggest logistics centers in Europe. He is dedicated to improving ergonomic solutions for all industrial workspaces. Christian is also a big part of Treston’s product development team.

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