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NEW WHITE PAPER: A Comprehensive Guide to Measuring ESD


Maximizing ESD Protection in Industrial Workstations

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) poses a significant challenge in the electronics and industrial manufacturing industries. The impact of a single ESD event can be catastrophic, causing damage to components, compromising product quality, and even posing safety risks. In response to this critical issue, measuring ESD becomes a crucial aspect of safeguarding industrial workstations and maintaining a secure and reliable workspace.

Treston, a leading expert in the field, has released a comprehensive white paper aimed at providing essential insights and practical guidelines for effectively measuring Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) in industrial workstations. By following these guidelines, businesses can ensure the protection of sensitive electronic components, improve product quality, and prevent costly incidents and defects.

This informative guide covers eight key points that are essential for understanding and implementing ESD measurement practices in your workspace:

  1. What are the current ESD standards
  2. Things you should know before measuring
  3. What are the ESD measuring equipment
  4. What is a common point ground (CPG)
  5. How to measure the workbenches
  6. How to measure the shelves and other platforms
  7. How to measure the carts
  8. How to measure the chairs


A Complete Guide on how to measure Electrostatic discharge (ESD)

The white paper delves into the entire process of measuring ESD, from the basics of ESD standards to the practical application of measuring methods. Authored by ESD specialist Pekka Horsma-Aho, the guide is designed to be accessible and user-friendly, featuring explanatory images and videos to facilitate understanding and implementation.

Professionals in the electronics and industrial manufacturing sectors will find this white paper to be an invaluable resource. By following the guidelines provided, businesses can maximize ESD protection, ensuring a safe and reliable working environment for their employees and safeguarding critical electronic equipment.

For those committed to maintaining the highest standards of ESD protection, Treston's comprehensive guide is a must-read. It equips professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to defend against ESD-related challenges and elevate the quality and safety of their industrial workstations.


Download the complete guide here.

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