Treston – the story of a start-up from the 1960s

The diverse twists and turns of Treston’s first 50 years have been put into a format of a book.

The book is not a traditional history book full of dates and names but rather a collection of stories, incidents and individual memories from the past five decades, told through the individuals who lived them and the many people who were involved in the development of Treston. 

You can download the complete book in PDF format here.

Treston’s founding and its development throughout the decades should make for interesting reading to not only employees but also our customers and partners, as well as to anyone interested in the challenges and joys of entrepreneurship.

The journey till this date contains many fascinating stories which have a link to the global marketplace changes as well as to the industrialization of Finland. Many companies have come and gone, but Treston has been able to renew itself in the spirit of a start-up, and meet the ever-changing demands of our customers.

Today, Treston is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ergonomic industrial furniture and ergonomic workstations. Though three-quarters of Treston turnover is originating from exports, Treston’s factories are still located in Finland and all Treston products proudly manufactured in Finland. 
Here’s some glimpses of this particular book:

Treston history book screen capture - how Treston name came to be
history book screen capture tradeshow and women
Treston history book screen capture - designer Ristomatti Ratia and bottles of wine
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