Treston's Ergonomics Expertise Grows: Jonna Patama Now Group Ergonomist


Treston, a global leader in ergonomic industrial furniture solutions, is proud to announce that Jonna Patama, Group Product Manager and company Ergonomics Expert, has earned a Master's Degree in Health Sciences, specializing in Ergonomics and Well-Being at Work. This accomplishment not only marks a significant personal achievement for Patama but also solidifies Treston's commitment to providing industry-leading ergonomic expertise to its customers and partners.

Patama's dedication to the field of ergonomics is evident in her dual role at Treston. She not only oversees the development and management of Treston's cutting-edge ergonomic product line but also champions ergonomic practices within Treston's own Finnish manufacturing facility. Her passion for creating healthier and more productive workplaces extends from product design to the daily lives of the people who build those products.

Earning this degree is a testament to Jonna's unwavering commitment to advancing the practice of ergonomics," said Dan Smith, Treston's VP of Sales in North America. "Her expertise and leadership are invaluable assets to Treston and, most importantly, to our customers who rely on our products and services to create safer, healthier workplaces.

A Unique Advantage for Treston Customers

Patama's achievement further distinguishes Treston in the market. With an accredited Ergonomist at the helm of product development and workplace ergonomics, customers can trust that Treston's solutions are designed and validated with the highest level of expertise. This includes the innovative Treston ErgoID™ assessment service, which leverages cutting-edge technology and ergonomic insights to optimize workplaces and reduce the risk of work-related injuries.

Jonna Patama trains US Ergonomics Specialist Mariah Holback
Jonna Patama trains US Ergonomics Specialist Mariah Holback on workplace ergonomics at Treston's Turku factory.

In addition to her product and workplace responsibilities, Patama is committed to sharing her knowledge and passion for ergonomics with Treston employees and customers. Through ongoing training and education initiatives, she ensures that the entire Treston team is equipped to deliver exceptional ergonomic support and guidance.

Of her achievement, Jonna says, 

With my master’s degree in health sciences, specializing in Ergonomics and Workplace Well-being, I really look forward to continuing to apply my knowledge and skills as an ergonomist for better workplaces. We at Treston want to help our customers to create healthier and more productive workplaces with ergonomics. With ergonomics we can ensure together that both employees and organizations can thrive!


Congratulations to Jonna on this accomplishment! 


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