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Senseair enjoys the benefits of Treston NaturLite LED

Senseair, a global provider of air and gas sensing technology, has been using Treston’s ergonomic furniture in its ESD (electrostatic discharge) protected area, EPA. As they have been happy with Treston technical furniture, they also decided to upgrade some of their workstation lights with Treston NaturLite LED lights. Feedback from employees has been very positive.

Bright light is vital for accurate work

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Good workstation lighting promotes sharp eyesight by providing glare-free, individually-adjustable bright light. Treston NaturLite LED lights offer this to Senseair workbenches, where highly accurate work is conducted on a daily basis.

At Senseair’s ESD protected production area, employees using workstations fitted with the lights are happy with their new, bright light. They also appreciate the easy-to-use dimming functionality. When employees are able to tailor the brightness level based on the task at hand and their own personal needs, it reduces eye strain and permits comfortable working conditions.

Light needs vary based on the individual employee

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Daniel Norberg, Production Engineer at Senseair AB

“Feedback about the new lights has been very positive. Our employees are happy with the new, bright and adjustable light. For example, one employee mentioned that she didn’t need a magnifier light anymore as the NaturLite LED 1200 provides so much light,” explains Daniel Norberg, Production Engineer at Senseair AB.

One employee mentioned that she didn’t need a magnifier light anymore as the NaturLite LED 1200 provides so much light

It is important to ensure sufficient light, particularly in the case of older employees or employees with some kind of sight problem. Besides the amount of lux, an important feature for workstation lighting in technical environments is the ability to minimize glare and provide a dimming option.

Quality control needs high quality light

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Senseair pays attention to quality and all the manufactured units are subject to a testing phase before being packaged. Inspecting products is easier and faster with high-quality light, which provides more than the minimum amount of light. With Treston NaturLite LED Plus, there is sufficient light and also the option to adjust the colour temperature from warm to cold white, if necessary.

Senseair has always focused on workstation lighting and today’s workbenches may have three different lights, which is neither optimal nor cost effective. Production Engineer, Daniel Norberg, explains that Treston NaturLite LED lights can actually reduce the number of lighting units and replace some of the other workbench lights because one light, Treston NaturLite LED, will be sufficient for one workstation. 

Treston NaturLite LED lights can actually reduce the number of lighting units and replace some of the other workbench lights

Moreover, maintenance costs are much lower with care-free LEDs that will work for 50,000 hours – which is around 25 years – when used 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Thus, there will be a quick return on investment in terms of reduced maintenance costs and a reduced volume of claims, thanks to a more accurate inspection process.

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Focusing on ergonomics sends a positive signal

Treston Customer Case Senseair
Daniel Norberg, Production Engineer at Senseair AB and Göran Söderberg, Country Manager, Treston AB

Upgrading workstation lighting is actually the third step in Senseair’s strategy towards a more ergonomic working environment. First, they changed to electric tables with modular accessories that made each workstation highly customizable. The second step was to upgrade its chairs to Treston saddle chairs, which soon proved to be very popular among employees as they provide more options for varying posture during the working day. Focusing on ergonomics demonstrates to Senseair’s employees that they are important and also positively impacts customer satisfaction. 

Building an ergonomic workplace is a continuous journey, which is much easier with a professional partner. Senseair gives credit to Treston’s friendly and competent staff who, thus far, have made the journey smooth and profitable for Senseair. 


About Senseair

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Senseair AB, headquartered in Sweden, is an Asahi Kasei Group company that provides air and gas sensing technology. Senseair’s purpose is to make sense of air by providing measurement solutions, services and intelligence. With over 25 years of experience, Senseair is an expert in the field of non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) technology. Read more about Senseair at

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