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Safe and modular furniture for different needs

The defense industry has a wide range of operators who have many different needs. Ergonomic, quality Treston industrial furniture includes a solution for furnishing different environments, ranging from heavy-duty conditions to workstations with ESD protection.

Furniture with ESD protection, such as workbenches, drawer units, and trolleys, are suitable for use in EPAs, reducing the risk of ESD damage. On the other hand, the selection of Workshop furniture also includes durable workbenches, drawer units, and storage systems that can withstand tough handling processes.

Ergonomic Concept workbench is versatile, modular and durable table, ideal for industrial needs

Concept Workbench

A versatile workbench. Many sizes, the widest range of accessories on the market. Available with ESD protection. Max load 1100lbs.
Treston Workshop workbench is for the toughest conditions

Workshop Workbench

A sturdy, heavy-duty industrial workstati. Several leg and worktop options. A wide range of accessories. Load capacity 1650+ lbs.
Basic Cart 2

Basic cart

A sturdy, highly adaptable cart with an ergonomic handle. Maximum load 772 lb. Combinations also available with ESD protection.
Treston TP workbench is a cost-efficient basic industrial workbench with a wide variety of accessories

TP workbench

A cost-effective, ideal basic 4-leg workbench with an excellent selection of accessories. Also w/ ESD protection. Max 660lbs.
Treston Drawer unit 70. Grey body, blue drawers. Select the drawers based on your needs

Drawer unit 70

A sturdy, 27.56" wide drawer unit. Two height options, several drawer combinations. Drawer max load 440 or 165 lbs. Easy to move.
Treston drawer unit 71, blue color. For heavy use.

Drawer unit 71

A space-saving, reduced-depth (depth 18.9") drawer unit for small spaces. Maximum load per drawer 110 lbs.
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