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Electronics industry

Ergonomic workstation solutions with ESD protection 

Sensitive components are handled in the electronics industry, and having furniture with ESD protection is extremely important in preventing ESD damage. The work itself is very repetitive, which means that ensuring ergonomics is absolutely necessary. Other basic requirements include ensuring that the space is tidy, clean, and properly organised.

In addition to fixed workstations, mobile workstations and easily movable drawer units and trolleys, among other things, are also needed to accelerate the assembly work. The wide range of Treston workplace furniture enables the design of an ergonomic workspace that is suitable for use in an EPA, and that can be easily adapted or supplemented as needed. Modular Treston solutions can also be integrated into automated production lines.

Our partners include:
Ericsson, GE, Goodrich Controls, LG Electronics, Nokia, Panasonic, Schneider Electric, Sony, Sennheiser, Texas Instruments, Respironics

Ergonomic Concept workbench is versatile, modular and durable table, ideal for industrial needs

Concept workbench

A versatile workbench. Many sizes, the widest range of accessories on the market. Available with ESD protection. Max load 1100lbs.