Kennoset plastic bins and bin cabinets

Made from 100% recycled polypropylene, an environmentally friendly and economical range of bins that offer versatile storage. The dimensions match all metric shelving systems. A neutral grey color, models designed for different purposes of use, and a broad selection of sizes enable designing a comprehensive storage solution at a store, warehouse, production facility, etc. Storage bin cabinets and turntable units also available.

  • A family of environmentally friendly bins made from recycled polypropylene
  • Grey color, contains small traces of ink residues and the color tint may vary
  • Large, white labels come as standard
  • Temperature tolerance -4°F-+167°F. Withstands the effects of most oils, acids, and solvents'
  • Stacking bins: An open front makes picking easier, length dividers available for some bin models
  • Shelf bins: Several bin depths, also stackable models
  • Storage bins: Large, sturdy bins with handles
  • Storage bin cabinets and Spacemisers: 4 models with grey steel frame, can be mounted on a wall, stacked on top of each other, or mounted on a turntable.
  • Side-to-side dividers available as accessories, also front-to-back dividers for certain bin models
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