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Industrial furniture and workstations for different working environments

Optimizing workstation functionality may prove difficult without well-chosen accessories that increase usability. When a workstation is well-planned and well-equipped, workflow becomes easier and more efficient, improving ergonomics and making it easier to keep tools in place.

Modular means adaptable

Our world keeps changing at an ever-increasing pace. Until recently, products could be manufactured the same way for decades, but now we must be prepared to make changes to our work practices at a much faster rate. In order to revise the production process to meet new requirements, an extremely flexible and adaptable workstation system is essential. Our system is designed particularly with this in mind. The same basic units, equipped with accessories that meet your needs, offer a wide range of applications.

Customized for your application and your operator

The purpose of a workstation - or any industrial furniture - determines its basic requirements and accessories. The needs and requirements may change considerably from one employee to another, but we understand that no two people are alike. When a workstation is equipped for and adjusted to an individual’s needs, each phase of the production process can be completed without delay, with accuracy and with maximum comfort.

Example: Lab furniture is designed differently from packing tables because they serve different needs. 

Treston offers a wide range of ergonomic workstations to choose from, from those that can be delivered quickly to those that provide versatile options to meet any need.

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