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Best Workbenches For Medical Device Manufacturing 24.7.2020 | Carissa Harris

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Carissa Harris

Carissa Harris is the Marketing Communications Director for Treston Inc.
The COVID-19 crisis made medical device manufacturing one of the most important industries in the world. Labs across the globe raced to find and test vaccines and manufacturers are building the tools necessary for creating them. Beyond vaccines, personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilators, and so much more have become critical to the success of hospitals and healthcare workers combating the pandemic and beyond. Manufacturers around the world face the logistical issue of how to outfit themselves for production demands and remain equipped to meet manufacturing quotas.

What Are The Best Workbenches For Medical Device Manufacturing?

In order to keep up with the increased demand and maintain the quality of their products, assembly facilities need to create workspaces capable of meeting these high levels of production. From the furniture chosen to the workspace layout, everything has to adhere to lean manufacturing principles.

The best workbench for medical device manufacturing is one that promotes lean principles in the workspace. Lean principles in industrial furniture design are expressed in multiple ways, including ergonomics, organization, and modularity.

The Lean Principles For Workbenches


All tools and materials must be within the proper reach zones, minimizing the amount of unnecessary movement a worker has to make. Having dedicated primary, secondary, and tertiary work zones reduce fatigue and promote efficiency in highly repetitive tasks often found in assembly lines.

Horizontal reach zones



By adding strategically placed storage accessories such as drawers, shelves, and cabinets to workspaces, manufacturing errors can be reduced, accuracy increased, and the rapidity of completing tasks can be improved. Having tools, materials, and other objects workers have to interact with properly organized promotes many lean principles, helping save large amounts of time and money when tasks are repeated frequently.




Being able to customize a workspace to the exact needs of a particular task and a worker’s anthropometrics improves their overall productivity. Studies have shown that the more comfortable a worker is, the more productive they are over longer periods of time. Having a space set up for specific tasks reduces unnecessary movement and encourages higher levels of efficiency.

Treston lean, lean solutions

Find Workbenches Designed with Lean Principles at Treston

Together, pieces of Treston industrial furniture can help establish a strong one-piece flow that streamlines each step of the manufacturing process. A workspace composed of ergonomic workbenches, mobile work surfaces, carts, and storage options that are designed to work together can aid in promoting overall efficiency, improving quality, and ultimately increasing production levels.

Contact us today to speak with an expert about your medical device manufacturing facility’s needs and how Treston can help you meet your goals. Or, if you're ready to customize and visualize your unique medical workspace, then use our free online 3D Configurator now to build and document the products you need to achieve a leaner process.

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