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How can you accessorize your workbench? Watch inspiring videos 14.9.2022 |

By choosing a workstation that is easy to configure, has a superior range of accessories and takes ergonomics into account, you can’t go wrong. Sustainable, versatile furniture will last from one generation to the next. Modular workstations are designed to grow together with your business – highly adaptable workbenches won’t get retired; they get re-hired.
Treston Concept Workbench - A modular workbench can be adapted to meet the needs of industrial working environments today and in the future

Superior range of accessories

The same workbench can serve the needs of different working environments - electronics assembly, packing area, quality control and multiple other settings. The key is to choose the most suitable accessories for the task. With the help of our experts, or the 3D configurator, you will be able to create a workstation that will improve the health and safety of your employees and increase efficiency today and in the future. Whatever your next steps in the constantly changing industrial environment will be, the workbenches are ready to be adjusted. Add new accessories and re-organize the workbench to match the new requirements and avoid having to invest in a completely new workstation. Get familiar with the extensive range of our workbench accessories.

Concept workbench serving as a goldsmith's bench in a museum
Customer image: Concept workbench serving as a goldsmith's bench in a museum. The bench itself is already 20 years old, and is now fulfilling its purpose with refreshed accessories.

Advanced ergonomics

As employees’ health and safety are growing virtues in all industries, naturally ergonomics also plays an increasingly important role in creating a workstation. What the greatest workbenches all have in common is that they can be adjusted to individual requirements. The starting point for our workbench design is always the person doing the work and the work task itself. We have also noticed a rising industry trend; workforces are changing so much that nearly one-third of workers are over the age of 50 - and as people get older, their bodies have different needs with regard to workstations (have a look at the blog post 3 ways to create an ergonomic workstation for ageing employees). 

Treston Tower Storage - Take a look at an example of how to extend a working area beyond its workbench

Explore modularity beyond the workbench

An important factor to consider when setting up an ergonomic workstation is to make everything available in the working zone. In workbenches, that means bringing all essentials close to the worker. However, in, for example, vehicle assembly lines or service & maintenance departments, the working area expands. Ergonomic carts and movable storage systems are worth considering when you want to create a modern, modular workstation that goes beyond the workbench. 

Time lapse video showing the Treston cart configured 4 different ways.
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