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Preparing Your Packing Center For Black Friday 25.8.2020 | Carissa Harris

Carissa Harris Treston Blog

Carissa Harris

Carissa Harris is the Marketing Communications Director for Treston Inc.

The holidays are no joke for the packing and shipping industry. On Black Friday in 2019, consumers made $7.4 billion dollars’ worth of online purchases. This led to an alleged 750 million packages sent by UPS, 510 million by FedEx, and untold millions by other delivery companies. For those who were there, they understand how important it was to have the right setup capable of handling that level of demand. For facility owners and managers, they understood how critical it was to have the right setup to promote the level of efficiency they required to keep on top of the swell in demand.

What did the most successful facilities do to keep up with the increased volume of orders that needed to be packed and shipped during the holiday rush? They focused on creating workspaces that promoted lean principles while ensuring that workers were comfortable to physically operate at high levels of efficiency for extended periods of time.


Lean process was specifically developed to improve efficiency and reduce waste in facilities that perform highly repetitive tasks, like those in packing and shipping. If there is a little bit of waste in a process or a physical setup, it can add up very quickly  The only way to keep on top of the huge increase in demand that the holiday season brings is to ensure that your facility and processes are designed with lean principles in mind.

There are seven kinds of waste that lean process targets:

  • Unnecessary transportation
  • Standing inventory
  • Unnecessary movement
  • Waiting
  • Overproduction
  • Over-processing
  • Defects

By reducing any of these types of waste in both process or workspace, the benefits can rapidly turn into savings. Imagine being able to shave even one second off a process. Now multiply that by the huge amount of orders processed during the holiday rush. The amount of time saved adds up very quickly and can make a big impact on your bottom line. Treston furniture is designed to support these principles in high-tempo, high-efficiency facilities.

By outfitting your workstations with modular workbenches and mobile carts and worksurfaces, you can improve the efficiency of each step of your process and better connect them.


Since the holidays are the busiest time of the year, buying modular equipment allows you to continue making the most of your during normal demand volumes. Treston’s modular equipment is designed to allow for workstations to change as needs change. Multi-channel distribution centers and fulfillment centers around the world have found success by working with the experts at Treston to create custom workbenches for their specific needs. We’ve partnered with brands like the Ascena Retail Group and Christie’s to help them meet their demands. Workstations can be customized with various types of storage accessories and complimented with carts and mobile worksurfaces to improve the overall flow of processes.

E-commerce giant chose to equip their new logistics warehouse in the Netherlands using Treston furniture. Lisanne Broer-van Abeelen, Lead Business Analyst/ Project Manager at said in an interview that “the two most important goals were ergonomics and efficiency. This we have reached by using the Treston solutions.”


The more comfortable a worker is, the more accurate they will be and the longer they’ll be able to work. This is why the most successful operations put such a heavy emphasis on ergonomics. Workstations should be set up with ergonomic work zones in mind and should include comfortable chairs. Together, these will allow workers to be more consistent over longer periods of time.


New problems call for new solutions. Operating a successful packing facility while promoting the safety of workers during COVID-19 poses its own set of unique requirements. Our mobile worksurfaces and carts are easy to clean and maneuver, making sanitation faster and easier to keep your workers safe.

Approach this upcoming holiday season with confidence. Contact our experts today to equip your facility with the furniture that will help you increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and save money.

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