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Unlocking Success in Lab Design: 8 Essential Keys to Choosing the Perfect Lab Furniture 26.5.2023 |

If you're tasked with designing a modern lab space that enhances productivity and efficiency, look no further than Treston's lab furniture solutions. Our products are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of modern laboratories, providing a seamless blend of functionality, flexibility, and ergonomic design.

Our Keys to Success in Lab Design

Here are 8 compelling reasons why Treston should be your top choice for lab furniture:

Lab furniture


1. Flexible design for reconfigurable labs

Our furniture boasts a flexible design that easily adapts to changing lab requirements. Seamlessly reconfigure your space and optimize its utilization with our modular solutions, allowing you to stay ahead of evolving research needs.


Drawing of Treston tables


2. Customizable, sustainable solutions

We understand that each lab has unique requirements. Treston offers customization options that allow you to tailor our furniture to suit your specific needs. Whether it is a custom computation space, wet lab, or cleanroom, you can create a lab that perfectly aligns with your workflow, maximizing productivity and comfort. And with our production team focused on thinking green, you can be assured that our products are designed with a circular focus.


Lab collaboration


3. Collaboration-friendly

Foster a culture of collaboration and innovation within your lab. We appreciate the benefits of a more open and communal lab environment. That's why our furniture is designed to be compatible with modern lab layouts that place labs next to office spaces. Create a cohesive and engaging atmosphere that promotes collaboration and cross-functional interactions.


Ronawk Lab with USU


4. Efficient, space-saving storage

We recognize the importance of storage space in labs, where every square inch counts. Treston's furniture incorporates smart storage solutions, helping you make the most of your valuable lab space. Our aim is to help you achieve optimal organization and access to equipment and supplies.

With lab space becoming increasingly expensive, expanding vertically is essential. Treston's furniture is designed to maximize vertical space utilization, providing additional storage and workspace options without sacrificing efficiency.


Lab equipment


5. Equipment-centric design

Treston lab furniture is thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of your equipment. We understand the significance of equipment support and accessibility, ensuring that our furniture provides optimal functionality while keeping your equipment requirements in mind.

ESD Grounding


6. ESD-protection for electronics labs

Treston lab furniture is ESD painted, ensuring a safe and secure environment for your electronics labs. Say goodbye to electrostatic discharge concerns and focus on your important work. While our competitors may offer ESD paint with an up-charge and additional lead time, Treston's ESD paint is a standard and stocked color option!




7. Design-Build capable

We are a great option for "Design-Builds" looking to eliminate the hassle of the traditional bidding process. Treston's team of experts works closely with you from the project's inception, ensuring a seamless process that saves you time and effort.


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8. Unparalleled white-glove support

Treston takes pride in offering exceptional customer service and support. When you choose us, you gain access to our dedicated support team, providing you with white glove service throughout your lab build journey. Our Regional Sales Managers are your project managers, ensuring personalized attention and prompt assistance.


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