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4 customized workstation solutions for in-house logistics 10.3.2023 |

In logistics centers and in the various work environments of in-house logistics, workstations require special flexibility. Automation is increasing, and the facilities need to be used more efficiently. In most cases, an ergonomic workstation solution is built from modular workstations equipped with versatile accessories, but in some cases even more creative solutions are needed.

In this article, we go through examples of what kinds of challenges can be solved with customized workstations in in-house logistics. We also talk about the importance of modularity.

Solutions for challenging in-house logistics work environments

In-house logistics workstations often have special requirements, such as limited ground space, unique or challenging tasks, or the special size of the tools. In these cases, it is best to rely on customized workstation solutions. Below, we have compiled a few examples from our customers' work environments.

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Treston lifting platform workstation
Treston Lifting Platform: adjustable floor level.


Solution 1: Adjusting the floor level

Especially in logistics centers, goods travel along different conveyers. Conveyers are often fixed, and their height cannot be adjusted. Because of this, the tasks cannot be performed ergonomically. For this challenge we’ve developed an adjustable floor level: the Treston Lifting Platform. The level rises according to the user's measurements and can be conveniently adjusted when stepping onto the level.

Treston Quick Edge Double sided 2
In Double-sided Treston Quick edge conveyer line runs between the workbenches

Solution 2: The conveyer runs between the workstations

At another in-house logistics site, the height adjustment challenge was tackled using a double-sided Treston Quick Edge workstation. In this solution, the conveyer runs between two adjustable workstations. When the size of the goods to be processed or the employees working at the workstation change several times during a work shift, a wide adjustment range and the speed of adjustment are key in choosing the right workstation for the task. This workstation solution also enables the use of one-piece flow.

The double-sided Treston Quick Edge is a customized product, yet the Treston Quick Edge workbench is one of our standard products. Read: How was the fastest workbench on the market born?

Treston Quick Edge workbench smaller and larger size
Smaller and larger version of Treston Quick Edge Workstation

Solution 3: Larger and smaller sizes

In in-house logistics and packing work environments, there is often a need to tailor the workstation measurements to suit other process phases, such as automation lines or different machines. Sometimes you can't find just the right size for the workstation from the basic dimensions. In these cases, the product can be customized with exactly the required dimensions.

In the pictures, you can see the Treston Quick Edge workbench, manufactured as a customized order, smaller and larger than the standard dimensions. It is possible to customize the sizes of all Treston products according to the required dimensions.

Note! It is good to keep in mind that workstation ergonomics may suffer with unnecessarily large or small desks. For example, a workstation that is too deep or too wide may increase the distance to possible elements needed for work, which means working postures are more uncomfortable and makes reaching the elements harder.

Solution 4: Space-saving workstations

In the work environments of in-house logistics, the limited space and the desire to optimize the floor space are often a challenge. Sometimes, there is simply not enough space for a regular workbench in the workplace. In these cases, our innovation team is at its best. The desktop does not always have to be in its traditional form. The same modular elements as in our standard workbenches can be utilized to your advantage in the most innovative ways. Here are a few examples of workbenches tailored according to the client’s needs.

Treston customised workbench for inhouse logistics 1
Workstation above the conveyer line
Treston customised workbenches above conveyer 1
Treston workbench above the conveyer line
Treston customised workbench double upright
Adjustable display stand without the actual workbench. There is even an option to add other accessories.

Modularity is the cornerstone of sustainable workstations

The starting point in the design of modern, sustainable workstations is to use adjustable workstations. Thanks to modularity, the same workbench with different accessories can serve the needs of different work environments. The workstations are built to last when, already in the planning phase, it is considered that processes can be developed in the future. Even by changing or adding a few accessories, both efficiency and workstation ergonomics can be improved as the business develops. Read more about how you can accessorise your workbench. 

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*Custom workstation solutions require additional design work, locally or from our factory. Due to this, a longer lead time can be expected on non-standard products.

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