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Treston Workshop trolleys

Workshop trolleys

Robust trolleys for heavy-duty use and demanding conditions. Total load capacity up to 1323 lbs.
Treston RRT trolley for reel racks. Can hold up to 360 reel racks. ESD protected.

RRT reel-holder trolley

An adjustable trolley compatible with SMD reels. An ESD protected trolley can hold up to 360 reels.
Ergonomic, light-to-move trolleys make it easy to transport goods and tools around while improving productivity at work. Modular trolleys by Treston come with a range of accessories and can be easily customized for different jobs and working environments. Also with ESD protection.

A quality trolley improves productivity

In industrial and technical environments, work is not always stationary and work equipment needs to be moved between workspaces. Ergonomic trolleys that are light to move make this easier while simultaneously improving productivity at work. The durable Treston trolleys are modular and, using standard accessories and add-ons, they can be customized to meet any need.

Trolleys provide extra work and storage space. They can be used for transporting goods, storing measuring equipment, and maintaining a buffer stock for a production line. Trolleys with perforated panels or perforated panel cabinets are perfectly suited for storing tools and keeping them organised.

Treston offers a wide selection of trolleys for use in industrial and technological environments. There are specific trolley models available for heavy industry and the packing sector, as well as customized solutions for collecting and storage. Trolleys with ESD protection are suited for EPAs. 

A modular trolley is always unique

All work tasks are unique and require specific aids. Most Treston trolleys have a modular structure that, combined with a versatile selection of accessories and add-ons, guarantees that the trolley’s design and assembly can be personalized to meet the user’s needs and the requirements of the work.

An ergonomic trolley eliminates strain

The key characteristic of a trolley is that it is easy to move while either empty or fully loaded. A trolley that is easy to move is a joy to use and push, even over those slightly higher thresholds. An ergonomic trolley is designed with the user in mind in terms of pushing, as well as other factors that affect usability. When the trolley’s push handle is the right shape and at the right height, and the trolley has quality wheels that function properly, moving the trolley when it is loaded will not cause too much physical strain.

Quality wheels are important on trolleys

The wheels for Treston trolleys are selected based on the trolley’s purpose of use. A quality wheel is the appropriate size and its tread withstands wear and tear. The bigger the wheel, the easier it is to move the trolley. For example, big wheels make it easier to push the trolley over thresholds and other similar obstacles. If the trolley is mostly stationary, a quality wheel does not lose its form under the weight and maintains its shape for years. 

Turning wheels are also handy on a trolley, making it easy to move even in small spaces. Strong brakes lock the trolley in position, making sure that it stays where it is supposed to be. This also enhances safety at work. Wheels with ESD protection are available for trolleys that are used in EPAs. 

Trolleys: Request an offer or more information

Trolleys: Request an offer or more information

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"The Treston benches like the FT Technologies product are rugged and designed to last."
David Walch, Operations Director, FT Technologies
We knew we were going to get a quality product that would suit our DC for several different operations.
Leann Pregibon, Sr. Industrial Engineer
"We chose the Treston tables because of their adaptability and mobility."
Salvatore Lima, Vice Principal/Science Supervisor
"Treston was a great partner in designing a custom packing bench and worktable solution for Christie’s."
Emily Sarokin, Christie's Auction House NYC
"At Treston, we have found the solution with ESD-compliant and electrically height-adjustable tables."
Jan Müller, Production Planner, Stiebel Eltron
"Treston was our choice as it gave us lighting, flexibility, expandability and value for our money."
Reinhard Gohe, Commercial Product Support Manager, BU Power
"As we expand our production, we will be using Treston's technical furniture again."
Achim Schuster, Production Manager, KITE Electronics