Treston Customer Stories

MCPc Improves Efficiency with Treston Workstations

"It has the look and feel of the work and the impression we are trying to present. I think it gives the customer another touch of confidence that we’re really in this business.” -Jim Leonard, Operations Manager

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Stresstech doesn't Stress with Treston

"We can obtain everything we need from one place. That makes procurement easier,” says Jouni Mäkelä, the manager of the sensor and engineering department.

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Ovaco Imatra:
Treston Workshop workbenches help maintain order and can be adapted to changing needs in the spirit of 5S.

Ovako Imatra Steelworks modernizes all workstations in the spirit of 5S. Many cars’ and trucks’ ball bearings, windmills and forestry machines all have something in common. Their demanding steel parts are manufactured at the Ovako Imatra plant in Finland, where special-alloy steels for the vehicle and mechanical engineering industries have been manufactured from recycled steel since 1915.

”Workstations can have up to 18 different users each week. When every tool has a commonly agreed place, no time is wasted in searching for them,” says Sami Lääperi, in charge of the 5S development program at Ovako’s Further Processing Department.

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